Faculty of Veterinary Science

Course outline – undergraduate pathway

For students entering the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine through the Melbourne Bachelor of Science’s Veterinary Bioscience specialisation.


Semester 1


Semester 2

Year 1

Biology of Cells & Organisms


Genetics & the Evolution of Life

Chemistry 1

Chemistry 2






Year 2**

Foundations of Animal Health 1


Foundations of Animal Health 2

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology







Year 3

Veterinary Bioscience: From Cells to Systems


Animal Health in Production Systems

Veterinary Bioscience: Digestive System

Veterinary Bioscience: Cardiovascular System

Veterinary Bioscience: Metabolism & Excretion

Veterinary Bioscience: Respiratory System




Year 4

Veterinary Bioscience 2: Haematopoietic & Lymphoreticular, Neuroendocrine, Reproductive, Musculoskeletal & Integumentary Systems

Infections, Population & Public Health

Applications in Animal Health 2


Year 5

Principles of Clinical Practice***

Production Animal Medicine & Surgery

Companion Animal Medicine & Surgery


Year 6

Veterinary Professional Practice

(including Transition to Practice capstone)

* Students who have not completed Year 12 Physics must complete one unit of Physics in first year to be eligible for entry to the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation.

** Students should apply for entry to the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation (i.e. the Veterinary Science "stream" of the Bachelor of Science) in second year.

***Subject undertaken during summer semester, from January to February.


Prerequisite subjects for the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation

Elective subjects in the science component of the BSc

Breadth subjects are subjects outside science, or integrating science with humanities and social sciences

Compulsory subjects in the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation

Compulsory subjects in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine